Sunday, June 17, 2012

Triple Crown 2012-Its the Media's Fault

I took a few months off from blogging (formely I wrote Notes From the Farm) on horse racing and no intentions of returning just yet.  However, during this Triple Crown season, I witnessed numouerous gems from the sports media during their annual attempt to write about the sport.   Above in the blog's nameplate are actual words used by sports media during this Triple Crown season.

 In short, a number of things were said in which the writer, if one can actually call them that, never even attempted to research the subject article.  The writer simply gathered a bunch of gernades, threw them into the glass house, and ran.  We won't see them again until March 2013. Sally Jekins of the Washington Post wins this year's award. Needless to say, the industry's leaders, namely the National Thoroughbred Racing Association (a.ka. the"NTRA") have said nothing in horse racing's defense.

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