Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Frog Lickin Horses-New York Times

The New York Times in its ongoing smear campaign against horse racing has published a report about the use of exotic frog venom as a pain killer in horse racing.  Lets say from the start that the people who have been busted for this should be thrown out of the sport. And unlike what many in the New York Times' "ITS AN OUTRAGE!!!" comment section believe, offenders HAVE been thrown out of the sport for this type of infraction.  Giving a horse pain killing drugs is a horrible, horrible crime.  But that's not why they publish or comment on these stories now do they?  They most certainly don't research the story and they really don't care about the animals.  They just see something they see as outrageous, get a grenade, throw it in the closet, and run.

Take this comment about the story from Barry Petchsky of  "There's some weird counter-intuition at play when it's argued that thoroughbred racing has its doping problem under control because there are so many positive tests. But with so much money at stake...."

Well,  Barry, according to published accounts, the number of positive tests nationwide is less .4%.   If you only include serious drug offenses that actually one would consider cheating, its less than .05%.   Is that "so many" Can other sports claim that? Oh wait...they don't have a comprehensive drug testing program now do they?  So, how can you come after us when we (and maybe Olympic sports) are the only ones actually doing any testing? BTW...I would like to where "so much money" in horse racing you are talking about.

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