Friday, February 28, 2014

Back and Cynical As Ever: Behind the Gate Movie

I thought I didn't have time to maintain the blog. But after what I saw on You Tube today, my healthy dose of cold cynicism is necessary. Today's victim is one particular horse racing media project: Behind the Gate. (There are a lot of other things going in the industry that have brought me out blog hibernation, but one thing at a time) I just watch the trailer with "Dubstep Mix," which in itself is a knock off from the Rocky theme After some clips from interviews with some pretty big name people, there are two big tag lines "SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THE SPORT" and "ITS TIME TO FIX IT." HELL YEAH!!!

But, what, huh? I'm confused. Are you trying to glorify the sport or trash it? My take away is the latter.

So whats wrong with the sport? According to this trailer two things: "We didn't take care of the customer" and "You don't fire a coach right before the Super Bowl," proceeded by "I mean look at Tiger Woods." The first comes from a guy attending Santa Anita. This is a line I have heard a lot and I still don't fully understand it. Every time I heard Andy Beyer say it, it mean that the takeout on the Pick Six was too high. That is for the state to decide, not the track.

As for the second and third lines, I don't know what the guy is talking about. I think, and I don't want to put words in his mouth, he means that the industry has this tendency to retire successful racehorses too soon, thus the public doesn't catch on. If this is what he is talking about, I agree with him. But his examples are poor.

After those choice comments, the film maker shows horses out of control at Santa Anita. The takeaway here in answer to the "WHATS WRONG THE SPORT" is "HORSES ARE DANGEROUS, MAN EATING KILLERS."

I don't know, see it for yourself industry. Is this you?