Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Marq Your Bible's 2014 Campaign Begins This Saturday!

We are beginning the 2014 racing campaign much differently than we have in previous years. Marq Your Bible has been training as a steeplechase horse for the last few months and first test is this Saturday in Aiken, South Carolina. We are quite excited.

Steeplechase meets are a whole lot different than flat racing. It is still thoroughbred horse racing. Except, A) the horse has to go two miles at a minimum (some races are three); B) over jumps; C) carry twenty to thirty pounds more than he would during a flat race; and D) WITHOUT LASIX (not a rule, but look at the entry chart below. Most horses, including ours, are not on lasix.)

Keep all this mind during the Triple Crown season. Steeplechase shows what a thoroughbred can do (and did) if trained properly.

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