Thursday, July 26, 2012

Between Heaven and Hell

So, after the drama that ensued that last week at Colonial (and the public meltdown I personally led that I am waiting for someone to post on You Tube), Marq Your Bible is doing OK.  The vet has looked him over and X-rayed his front legs.  He only has some minor swelling and is doing so well, that he has been entered for this Saturday! (Race 9).

Furthermore, even after all the antics Marcus pulled, his name did not land on the stewards' national list of misbehaving horses.   If it did, he would have had to prove to the stewards that he will behave in the future and thus delay any return to active racing.  Nonetheless, I have filled an official protest (OK, more like a whine fest) with Colonial Downs.  I will let you know what they say.   

To say this is a miracle straight from Heaven would be understatement.  There was a strong possibility that Marcus' racing career was over.  Instead, he gets another chance.Horse racing is a sport where there are no spiritual fence sitters.  You either accept and believe in God's message of salvation and accept His help or you hit the bottle and/or start abusing drugs. 

Horse racing is among the most spiritually challenging sport around.  One does not have teammates to fall back upon, there are no guaranteed contracts, and are thousands of variables that are out one's control.     Fortunately, many in the industry have accepted Christ and are very open about their Faith.   I reject the notion that horse racing is somehow the ultimate sin and I will explore that topic in more detail later.  It is a sport like any other and one that will make you learn real quick how little control you have over Life.

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